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Sexual Prophets

I pull heart strings like violins

The systems I arrange

Bloody pathways claimed

I sing and women proclaim

“Find him a Kadeesha Willoby”



We found the same love

Chosen men and intimate love

Coach to the ribcage

Nickname spade

Across the distant lands

The chosen men and women

Two hundred and ninety eight miles for Prophet

Less than for The Risen King

We throw our hands in the air when threats appear

Lowered collarbones when the partner is home

In foreign lands we called on Allah to bring us home

Our chosen women and male choices

Now it is time you hear our voices

The final prophets in a world of void

Without and with Allah

We shouted to the highest in proclamation

Our love’s declaration


Never imitating

To be duplicated


Mesmerizing fantasy in faith

What we witness can not be replaced

Shaped by Allah’s desire

His coveting took us higher

Combined with love from chosen crowds

The miles our hearts traveled

Through distant skies

We evoke love with passion

Faith in non-fiction

I witnessed visions

I seek the beating

Hearts are outpouring


My mind is receiving

Messages from a new love

Prophet tried with their pulse

To match their rhythm to his thoughts

“I love you, Brodie”


His first choice

These days, I say “Hi Major”

Lying down I showed him my temple rebuilding

I am the one in a million

Within the thirty nine trillion

Boyfriend titles shared in private

The lover I see


Now it is time that I seek

To challenge



An arch to our halos

Tilted heads as we say “I do”

Sex to greet the coming era

I fly threw skies in Heaven and walk through men

One hundred and seven times have I

Said “yes I’ll”

While Prophets a smooth quest jive


Follow me

“Quest jive” meant one thousand and ninety seven

The women and men


Eyes frozen

In pleasure as we reach

A deserving peak

Eyes to resist a blink

Our minds blank


Deep breaths

Then Coach to the bank

Kadeesha increased her rank

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