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I am trapped in a confined space

I am regurgitating information that most individuals refuse to accept

Isolation comforts me, and protects my inner peace

There are whispers from a "hollow" GOD, that both strengthen, and weaken me

Silence is a distant friend

While awake, and after reaching a spiritual realm

Motivation: to encourage

A tip from one who created all that was paradise

The consistent prayer to speak truthfully, openly, and honestly

Until the crowd, again, is silent

Understanding the conundrum of my existence

While I am plagued with the attempt to shift their reality

This plague: a movement that could shift the culture, and shape human behavior

However, I am silent

I am aware that my presence is a threat to humanity itself

My goal is to intertwine truth with history to avoid human casualties!

Please announce my presence privately

Common courtesy

I am being courted by R.O.C. Nation, ladies and gentlemen

Are they my source of light, glistening?

Now that the pressure is blistering

Prince William used propofol to control the crown

Queen Elizabeth the Second, on common ground

She spit, twisted hip, then started to frown

She sipped, and her spirit crowned

Lock that man up

Camera 3713DA.213

Book my flight, Corsham bound

Let me watch his frown

King of all Kings

I will be raptured this time around

February 6th, 1.47812 Christ Eternal

Do not expect a crowd

My words cut diamonds

They do not need yours to sell platinum


My mind

My bondage

Release the pressure

To create the mathematician

To escape the mental prison

To stop the Large Hadron Collider scope

Stop that cell's emissions

Global warming

That toast, burnt prism

Build me a plain

They will be dispersing the billions

24 names

They are the chosen children

Modify your priority SpaceX

Lyft me out of credit debt

Uber social clout

When I am the newly deemed

Risen Reverend

Heaven sent, I provide the weather

No more loot

My third eye moves at magnet speed

They clocked me at Sevndeep

Russian route, President Putin

He spun off a losing reign

Now they claim their spirits go


Point me to the kiki House of Then met Than

Rihanna Miyake Mugler

We will not go insane

Think fast

My drivers came

My monthly Jewel

Respect my name

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