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She is a thot that you claim- Babylon

She is ready to fall, GOD

Their expensive habits

I am terrified

Jesus was the third Rider

Gag, I am fly

Presidential, why?

I am Heavenly, "Hi!"

The Trump parade, pull them jokers high

Baby Boy D'usse is back, but I am playing Ace high

Angel in the garden, they flee from me

Genesis 3:3, Death cometh

I need to clothe them in thrift, they are "stage diving"

Into a crowd of sin, their favorite hobby

Sniffing gorilla glue, he is off the bottle

No more baby talk, no more mileage

The skies are gray, my rhymes are too

They will not know if I love them

Love miles renewed

Fake fans: they prefer one of their breasts

I have Lemon Raid for The Carters, boo!

Rotten tomatoes, and rotten bananas too!

I listen to them though, they are just insane

They blaspheme my name, with me on their chain

I am not for the fame, or the Emmy reign

I am interstellar

They are not even international

My rhymes are better

They are wetter

Coming out like water

The faucet!

The Carter reign, pause it!

That hype man shit, lost it!

Their number one fan, soft diss!

They could pay me to rhyme

Boss shit!

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