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Spiritually Raptured

I am awaken

Yet mistaken

For someone who likes to blink, yawn, and converse

Until I summon a hearse

Headless haunting

The range of my mental capacity

Killing people


These streets I rehearse

Their map with our words

With my crown I will sit in high places

These movements and arrangements

Sip slow and my mood will not be changing

Lyrical gangsters that I place on hangers

New outfit

Mannequins of Jesusine trade places

I would just change places from past to the greatest


I create them

My best rhymes for like they are above A list

While I meditate with a lover

I will not let go of "Flubber"

Fleshlight oops sorry

It makes my member bubble


Squirtle go after the heart of your master

Their hearts I go after

Every mic, every chapter

This game is the longest chapter

Peace and silence

My body enlightened

I have reached the highest master

Abba loves to retreat, sleep, and repeat

While my mood goes blank and the words escape

"Shake your fleas free" you unwelcome beast

The Crystal Giant

Although I have found my THC rival

Sky scraping

Waves are breaking

The glass ceiling

I created it


Lacking love and it makes me unhappy

Lacking happy

Back to the basement

New basin

My womb was lit; I made it

The delivery was forced

My fragile life surrounded by wolves

The masses

Misplace them

I like new mazes

Catch me

"Tag: you are it"

I am star gazing with wine and cheese

Those fallen angels will continue to bleed

As they reflect on me

I am attempting to control everything that can be touched or seen

My witnesses and I are spiritually clean

This life: my Godly dream

My teeth shine

They gleam

Removing Artists from my teeth

Boomerang push

Delicious meat


Losers to wet my bid

Devour them when I highlight their category assisted spreadsheet

If the words came from me

An additional one nozzle

Now just keep trying and reading

This is my life in a season

I am not giving up my life for any reason

This tooth pic for the proper dream

I want to be on the winning ROC Nation team

To reduce their talent I put on my high beams

Volume up until their eyes bleed saline clean

Prepare for a ballot

Grammy nominated

The price of the entrance ticket sky rocketed

We want him here now

I want to work with them to win some awards and plaques

My roster: thick crowd

They made me an idol

So now I lie idle

Worshiping God, and dealing with my rivals

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