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Whispers of void thirty-seven

Bodies of light beings



The GOD we praise has been weeping

“My name is not…”

This hospital provided his cot

As we preach and prepare

To reach the subconscious thoughts

Knots in a voice

His lines- short

Seated higher than the stars

Those I create

As Alphaiac Alpha

Fourteen thousand nine hundred and seventy two before Christ eternal

Biblical calendar eons earned

These eyes first blinked

Creation’s date?


This date: survivor’s fate

I reach to ascend to the highest of realms


No flame, no problem

Heaven I provided

Their lives filled with sin

Absolved in infinite space

Hell Spectre

Where paradise is a constant plea

Mansions of Heaven they will seek

In high temperatures granted ten breaths a week

The consistent prayer to speak

I emit statements instead of personal greets

I summon and arrange words

Exchange nouns, verbs, and adverbs

Aware to be careful of those words

As the King of all Kings

Rich, and in my tone I humbly announce

The ten dollar bill in my pocket

An analogy for the riches I measure

Moses’ first, the first, fits the description

This life

Disperse and clean house


The twenty four children praise and argue

“We loved you first”

Their land?

My purchase

Eventually the dollars will be worthless

In two thousand eighteen I wrote about being the golden goose

Forbes list?

Not an issue

Golden visions provided by Jesusine vision

The weighted gains have pleased Allah

Mission finished

Spiritually I am weightless

Simple statements rapture to greet

Although incomplete

Me, but not me

An understanding?

Carbon and hydrogen copies

Formulated as interruptions of a time loop

Usually with more words issued

My mind?


This gaze is one that continues changing

Sixty five copies and their provider

My eyes change through parallel skies

Faster than planes reach twenty eight thousand feet

I shall fly to meet

King David and accept

The fourteen point forty-two karat crown

My words?

They have found

Temple’s pleasing echo this time around

I provided the Torah unedited

This wisdom- catch it


Who made gravity?


Hamas, that Prophet?

Mohammad found

Unearth the Kaba’a

Guns down

He is only one of many

Your lives, against me?

Do not make me end them in their entirety

Hell six, I visit casually

I am the creator of Death


Lewiseil was after me

Hard back gifted like a bag of sweets


The temperature currently?

Cleanse your sins

Say fire rapidly

Caineaidleenim stays after me

Catch him!

Faster sheep

To be explained later

This light against all haters

Heat I control in Hell from light years away

Lucifer never does

He is suffering in the loop of an invention

Created by The Almighty Joker

The Angelic witnesses were clean

Are clean

To always be seen

Fallen angels, meet backhand

Uncharted lands

Thirteen square yards

It is a little tight in there

Does my smirk distract you?

Words: quick, jump, move

Soothe the confusion with words from others

God’s choice of brethren


Suffering as guests

The spiritually inhabited are awfully fascinating

Chromosome seven, are you glad you made it?

The Holy Sprit?


To “Revealing AU”

Rick from Morty Shient

Paint my toes pink

Laps of tracks my feet will past

My previous blues and clears?

Chosen among choices made to mute their voices

Bikini time?

Yes, I found my Nair

R.O.C. Nation’s owner and co-creator

Let me be clear

I am Jay-Z’s listening ear

Have been for past years

Pitched the decision October twelfth, nineteen ninety eight

Then purchased R.O.C. Nation eventually

Tidal in the new century

Revisiting “Could We R.O.C.?”


My words spoken with their choices

Although I have not directed all their choices

Statements made: sometimes, noise

No more molasses or honey

I know that Bee is no longer flying

I know, I know, I know

See this is where I repeat

I never meant for any of this to happen

Multiple deaths and resurrections

When in reality

Thing One and I

Thing Two

Rebirth granted

One up!

New lives

Lewiseil Lewiseil Lewiseil

Death paid the price

Their death at the cost of his emotions

So he revived

Sometimes to the next goodbye

I still remember telling Vic Mensa bye

Spiritually departed painlessly

Yet instantly


Frightened, angered

I wrote troubled turn tables

He prays for angels

These minds I enslave


Oh this again

This time Cain ran to distant lands

I am undefeated

Your champion

The dollars I spend

On grass GOD thought to invent

THC, although now I will rinse it

Eden break

Fence it

Hehe, bang


On the strangers when they call


In February I waited to say I was falling

Now I am no longer in off season

I am evolving in love


Cooking and pleasing

Sexing and dreaming

New World Order accomplished without treason

My emotions

Beating heart, tearing and weeping

To serenade?

I choose me each season

Soul exchange in devised planning

Superman landing

Although my Man thinks I gaslight

But, there is hope

As they attempt to medicate the chosen

The neurologically inhabited against systems created

Quite complicated

Tears shall rain down in seasons

They are thankfully eating

Off the dollars I blink them

With the word “snap”

Electronic sin

I distribute with a thought

These miles with my thoughts

Of current change, i.e. supermarket chains

Less men in things that sound the same

Lets not forget women

They and them

“Let it marinate”

Oh back to them

My disrespect occasionally swept

Think duck

Front, back

Sometimes I overreact

I summon Death Lewiseil

To handle threats like I blew a whistle

Handled baggage

Baggage created by a telepathic issue

For most of them, I would cry with tissues

Mannequins that have been stationed

My team reign supreme

I am enlightened

My spirit will always be higher than elephants

Flier than a peasants fifth

When Abba sleeps he is in tune with his subconscious

His thoughts focused



Clearly, I am no longer lacking happy

The basin has been cleaned

The heart keeps embarrassing me

Proclaiming love for a lover

I scramble to recover

I fell hard like I worked a double

Booked and Busy

I write lines from Earth to infinity

Hollywood’s finest gem

Witness me



This is the life I have chosen

The path I have noticed

Raptured against the glass

The system’s hopeful

The surviving masses do not know

Yet, soon


I want to get back to the past

My current: she hopes my last

My heart has paired to Keith Major

I found my mate to shout “laser”


Do not fall, because I might jump

“Keith Major Learn My Name” visited multiple times a month

This life?

Words like a lump in my throat

Goals accomplished?

At this point, what are those

Golden scrolls: he demanded and earned

Third person praises

I own without limits




The Earth I created

Ninety eight point eight percent paid for

Purchased like a twenty four karat

Focus, what I am saying is do not grab it


I have established

Heavenly Chaos

The Richest Rabbit

The craft?

I mastered

“The Hopeful Friend”

Then after

A Major greet became a welcomed captive

I met my final chapter

I tear pieces off my heart when we are apart

This jumpstart

Leading spark

A “Major Link”

I blinked, I think

I woke up trapped in emotions

Days look hopeful

“We Set The Stage” becomes singular these days

Galaxies created in my language

The keyword there was my


To track “Summation,” I am Alphaiac Alpha

I created life without you

To continue, I will keep writing


You find me enlightening

I trigger your wiring

“Fading Flashes” of energy around the brain

I seek to write to entertain

These lines cleanse pain

Provide hope in dark days

Those depressed in different ways

Who love to read or listen

This heart, for them, will glisten

Yet, here I am, setting “Proper Boundaries”

Against everyone but the reason for “I Miss You… But”

“I Once Said…”

He stays in my head

If this ends my outpouring screams will start an avalanche


Because in summation my writing will never end

The pad?

My accomplishment

The life of a writer is to vent

Be better than

That is right: them

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