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Temporary Destination

Jesus, smoking weed with Death

Birds and the bees, sink

Catacomb stress

Their names are etched on the graves

Lucifer Samaiel Carterin's name has been the same

Excedrin, his temples pain


These vocal lames are in my lane

I am telepathic

Everyone switch- learn my pain


One Christ Eternal *

"Messiac Reign"

Mudslides: here is an avalanche

The tectonic plates will move, bust a groove

There will be a volcanic shuffle randomly and rapidly

Magma will intrude

18.6 magnitude earthquakes, due to the tectonic plates too

The flood of Noah, I will end your life

Times seven too

For 280 days, wade or move

Float like Pharoah when this form spiritually and physically leaves the Earth

Resurrected; my children are dying

Adam and Eve, I am writing- trying

They are clothed in Kirnishka's elephant hide


To express all of my pain, all of you will be dying

All alone on my world, I will jump from no mountain

GOD was there

Mars, zoom


One hundred dollar bill prophecy, times seventy-two

New World Order: no door-to-door visits!


"It is finished! Game over!"

*August 22nd, 2020 A.D. using the current Gregorian calendar is the equivalent of August 22nd, 1 Christ Eternal using the correct Biblical calendar.

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