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The Almighty Joker

Guess who is in chokers

The Almighty Joker

Up and down the nape

The placement they could not mistake

Second rate mental place

In my mind this is the life mine paints

Sleeves and bound

Trapped yet found

To be confusing

At least hard to nail down

The laugh

My frown

My stare

Talks of a crown

Yet I’m fluent in the dirty lingo

Talks that bring people down

To the ground

When I am found

To be upset


Upside down

Inside out

My thoughts and external statements

Spread out

The visual component?

They wear it out

Blindfolds passed all around

Over the eyes

Secured by the lower crown

The lights turned down

While my eyes fail to see

The beauty of the given gift

I laugh with gravity used as fist

Unable to use the gift

I play my role

Vocal cords spared

The volume of my internal voice

Sounds waves that can burst ears

Imaginary drums and symbols that play in my head

I write from space while laying in bed

When I die they will all gag

The destruction of Earth Lewis

Toe tag

The bodies roasted

Oven’s open

This crown shall be placed on the chosen date

To welcome the chosen to an eternal fate

I am known to be

By way of destiny

The Almighty Joker

Smokehouse to the core

Spirits will rise or fall

Earth Spectre: all aboard

Welcome to Hell

Romans, chapter four

The original verse

To put their bodies in a hearse

Death’s curse

My life’s journey

To seek and destroy

The blasphemous faces


Erase them

Dust to solar panel 1,107

Some of them destined to never see Heaven

Bless the fallen

They have an arrangement

To gather and play witness

Eternal hit list

My mind: checklist

Angels are conspiring to riot

Trying to welcome in physical violence

Diving through space to eliminate the race

Grand exit

The core displayed

Smoke probably spelling my name

Alphaiac Alpha

The Almighty Joker’s end game

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