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The Descent-Eisenhower Tunnel

Anticipation built as we ascended the mountain, while fear retreated to the deepest recesses of my cerebrum. Excitement peaked as we reached the top of the plain, although it quickly faded as I acknowledged the conundrum. Fear. Disbelief. Regret. Anxiety. Countless thoughts and emotions consumed my psyche. The sign read "Downgrade ahead-7% for ten miles." Although I was terrified, I could not help but smile. I tensed up as I grasped the clutch, knowing that downshifting would do little to counteract gravity. I asked Martin if he trusted me; he nodded, knowing that safety was my number one priority. We began our descent, and we were quickly picking up speed. He confidently praised my abilities, providing the reassurance I needed. I utilized my training, perfectly timing my controlled braking; yet our tire began smoking. Runaway truck ramps became checkpoints, confirming our descent was soon coming to an end. Distant mountains confirmed our journey was far from over; there were numerous mountains we would have to ascend. Eventually we plateaued, and we were amazed by the beauty of the snow-topped mountains that surrounded us. We looked forward to our next thrill, anticipating a fulfilling rush. Complacence. Relief. Penitent. Ready. Countless thoughts and emotions consumed my psyche.

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