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The Destruction

My life seems reckless

Israel was on my mind

The war like common ground

The voices stopped my frown

I welcomed him with a smile

Baby David, my golden crown

Yet he made me a greater one

The weight more than ten pounds

Spirits I have found

Wine, and those from the ground

Have returned, or ventured out

Heaven Lewis or Earth Spectre

Specks of eternity

Baby David, you shall see

I call you baby

Or at least previously

Speak to me

Why must you plot against me?

Usually under a willow tree

Stricken with wind

Your plan: one I do not comprehend

The gated fence between us?


The blood on your hands?

I’ll rinse it

Dispense it

Vegetarian hit-list


I’ll devour in bites

Sound bites across miles

Your spirit will travel beyond the skies

Distant realms

Different miles

Golden tiles?

You dream of temples that I can provide

King of all Kings

Who is rich enough to clean The Nile

All eleven oceans

Those you wish I paced

The destruction?

Not of Israel, no!

Our false connection corrected by my actions

You blaspheme me with simple statements

I return with level headed statements



Level headed statements

We could escape

I am twelve percent Israeli

Let’s say I have an obligation

To protect the Israeli nation

I type as you cry


Tears weighing down the skin

Head titled high

Zero point nine three kilograms

Twenty two point six grams in Jesusine land

Book in hand


Haha “Boomerang”

Death Lewis previously protected mankind

I shot my shot to shoot some down

Air ball

Blanket shots that provide me doubt

Cotton cloth on the pillow you prop

I revived with intentions that you would thank me back

Lasting emotions, scars, and trauma

I wanted you back as soon as I received the knowledge

Nightmare games that you had been shot

I played along

Watch out

Lights out

Ricocheted bullets

A cash cow that donates?

Depends on the number of bullets

Sprayed out

Bodies drop

The idea of your’s, King David, started this pairing of words

Testify above the birds

Firmament tint

Heaven’s halo

I sent down angels

Well well well


I’ll discuss

Now I send coordinates

Now I sense targets

See, they pray for victory

Yet I’m undercover

With no cover



Study lab in Heaven with a stuffed book bag

Provided the reassurance of laws I could recite

Catch it!


Treadmill or a hike

Hike or a bike

The King of all Kings would like another invite

To calm fake anxiety (of mine)

With words I’ll have to trust or dislike

In preparation for our first greeting

Jesusine vision…

You have seen me

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