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The Hesitant Empire

It is looking like I have no choice

It is about time that I found my voice

Stumbling over my words trying to convey my message

Only discourages my audience- yes, I have to do better

I am afraid to stoke my ego, yet I feel the pressure

I recite "Our FATHER" on bended knee, praying I receive my blessings

Knowing what GOD delivers only serves HIS mission

GOD is aware that it his presence that my heart is missing

So I decipher GOD's intentions behind the origins written

I dream about a world only GOD could have envisioned

I am judging words as they pass my lips

Should I really be saying this?

Passion overload, and my circle started collapsing

They are plugged into virtual reality headsets, but it is my vision they cannot relate to

There is no need to solidify my name in stone

However, a proper book nod would be great

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