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The Holy Spirit

Heavenly Chaos:

When The Holy Spirit says it is time to leave, then you have to go

"Follow the light" Illuminati?

For some, it is more like being paid to do what you love

There is only one GOD, and when your time is up, then you have to go

There is only one GOD, and if you believe in Jesus, you can potentially to see Heaven

I am ranting rhymes like I am ready for a cypher

There is a flag on the play, face mask- Michael Myers

There is a light and a dark army

Which one do I desire?

GOD will control them both

So what is the point in deciding?


"See, that is where you are wrong, and it is kind of what your problem is

Stop acting like you do not know what bad, and good fruit is

An animal sacrifice is needed to atone for their sins

I had no choice: I promised to never flood this earth again

However, get back to what you were saying

Keep harvesting these sinners

You know the game well enough

Stop playing foolish like a beginner"

Heavenly Chaos:

Some people have evil thoughts from an imaginative youth

I am writing, and reciting- peacefully, knowing that I could bless a booth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I have nothing left to proof

My photo album is giving "show me where my revenue is"

Individuals want to see me in The Red Roof

"Sign up for 'Backpage,' and pose with no issue"

"I can make you famous, have sex with me, and get some money"


Who is really upgrading who?

Yes- you might have bands, fans, cars, clothes, and stocks

However, my vision and my gift is priceless

That is something they might continue to lack

A different type of interest was there though

Someone asked me to subscribe to "Slack"

Some people think I am scared- please

At least I came back

"Send for me," but I am not deaf to the double meaning

Sin for me?

A potential "Good Girl Gone Bad" for no reason

The original couple already knew where the forbidden fruit was

So some people believe GOD makes mistakes

Then, we are all in like company

The "Tree of knowledge of good and evil"

When Satan came around, the bad was that Eve and Adam crossed me

There is no need to relay that they had not yet learned the difference

They should have stop reaching for fruit without our permission

I was riding through Penny Pack Park, and The Holy Spirit said "Lets go"

I got on my huffy, and I hit the road

When The Holy Spirit says "It is time to leave," then you have to go

There is only one GOD, and when the time is up, then you have to go

There is only one GOD, and if you believe in Jesus, then you are potentially ready to see Heaven

"I heard you coming, so I hid"

I will seek you when we all depart from the Earth

Cautiously consuming wine never hurt anyone

However, a forbidden fruit was a different part of me

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