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The Path That I Have Chosen

I walk alone, yet my Father request company

I quickly call to the Heavens

"Stop! I am alone; not lonely"

Yet, he continues

So, I converse and summon hearses for bars we rehearse

People die

Sometimes I lie

I yell "I am innocent"

I boomerang my pain

They learned my name

Claim they share my pain

They are lame

Or am I?

The quiet guy with the jaded heart which moves, but will not start

My loving, quiet heart

Which targets potential lovers like bombs that hover- then fall

The eyes, behind my walls

We invite, then devour

Their hearts, "Feasting Fangs"

Back then I wrote "I am the fighting Jew feasting like Buffy"

Then I go insane with my blood lust of names

Veins I burst, and blood- my thirst

Those names, "Boomerang" might burst

Should I rehearse their names and their lives

Michael Thee Archangel or Deathie Lewiseil might need to fly through the skies

To retrieve me prior to my untimely demise

To stop their hearts from going bang!

"Heart attack" might be my first name

Terrified, these vocal lames in my lane

Suicide to their careers when they tap-me

Deranged game

I am the "Joker"

Etched in the sand was "Harley Quinn follow and praise my 'Messiac Reign'"

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