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The Telepath

The experiences of an era

I’m weary of my abilities

Debilitating fairies

The doubt that was airy

You know those are the fairies

Doubt that says ESP will lead the dream

Extrasensory perception


I’d lose my team

In the scene I process

Interaction from distance

Not an intrusion but an instant

An intrusion on my thoughts

Yet, I hear your voice

Have heard your voice

Seen you by choice

Allah’s boy

On my thoughts and not my emotions

Are my words and those of the chosen

Yet I feel hopeless

Deaf to the tones of voices

In my ability

Not in person

XYZ to meet and greet

Eventually there will be another summoning

Humming vent

The life I spend

Established vent

As I stress to process the thoughts within

When in reality their voices could trigger deeper emotion

A stamp on the heart that I typically do not show

Unless dreaming of holding my love by snow

Communication from mind to mind

Telepath design

Reimagine the transformation

Their lives in different places

Weightless in my mind, but they feel thirteen meter pressure ounces greater

ESP compiled of three Chromosomes 7, 12, and 13

57 64 88 99

Let me explain that last line

“Telepathy has drastically changed my life”

This voice in their life

I need a knife to my skull

These words, never dull

My 57th lymph node

The brain is constricted

These membranes witness

The changing visions

Images of surgery options


I wish to hear and witness

Excuse my covet

But I am above it

Under the pressure of the 19th chromosome though

These words like destiny in majesty

They speak mentally, and eventually

My brain raptured

Hold your sympathies

Alive to be who I was meant to be

This is the story


Empty spaces capture me

I grasp them with their chromosome 53

They sleep with their chromosome 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

11,238 for numerology

“This is the description of my transformative resting state”

Intelligence enhancing

Not due to telepathy, to state clearly

The severity

Peace this life granted me when fast asleep

I aim to inform

Not alarm

I could trigger their forearm

As I type, I am clairvoyant

This skin I’m drenched in feels like weight under water

Massaging pressure to the witness

Conversations with statements like “I don’t want to hear this shit”

I hear their thoughts and read their statements

My mind arrangement

You cannot replace it

Flip from basic

The miles are swaying the matter

Electromagnetic waves that splatter

These are the targets: your 7th and 17th chromosome matter

The bladder under tight exchanged muscle weight matter



A true physical reaction

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