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The Witness

What is this feeling?

Individuals I summon dismantle the feeling

Happiness fleeting

The threats that I have been receiving

Sample a meaning

I am awake


Of merging or providing

The proper information from the waste bin

Yet here on Earth, it appears I am unwelcome

An edited Holy Bible seems to mislead

Destroy the dream

Ruin the team

Among teams

This painted dream melts under the heat



What is this feeling?

I have no idea

What is this feeling?

Attacking in different ways

What is this feeling?

Guilt I believe

But, I warned them

I believe…

Actual humans with feelings and emotions

Their spirits: roasted

I thought we would be toasting



Yet here we all are

Spread among oceans

Conversing at my demand

Sand in an infinite hourglass

Emptied when I believe I no longer can

Withstand the bickering

The constant disrespect

Bye y’all

This time: the statement means I left

The word?


I witness doubt

I experience a new route

To control my emotions

Le’sigh out loud

Facial expressions displayed

I question our connection

Aware that they all have different connections

Place holders in my life

Places to stand the test of time

Or so I believe


I must be dreaming

Acute emergent without the tears seen

Unless they are triggered by my seventeenth

Affected by their affect

The effect of a summoning event

I witness death

Almost like he never left

Boomerang threats

I say “down”

In my mind they remain standing

I am unaware of my abilities

I witness

I witness

The witnesses complaining

Pouring outpours relaying

Hope for revival

The few that wish to crucify the idol

My pedestal?

My rival

Idle thoughts to converse ignite a spark in the dark

Darkness that says I am not in their hearts


I wish


Daily bliss


I accomplished this

The true witness

Hoping to maintain connections

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