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Thinking Tree

By way of destiny

I believe

I will seek

To seek our tree

Under our Eden Eve

The chosen beach

The sunny shades

The tiles away

The years we wait

To reach this base

The base of the tree of light

Infinite infinity our life

Inspiring highs in backspace space lane

Face paint

The highs painted

The lows fainted



Forced basements decaying

Swing in delivered ways

Gifted among the page

Sports Illustrated is on the bed

I hope for a tasteful spread

These lines in my head


Stories instead

Memory fed

Titles lead

Tiles to skip ahead

The face: golden red

My eyes, highlighting

The chosen ways my mind inspires me

Looped stars in the distant hoop

I cry before I shoot

One life, above the brim

The forces I compliment


Common sense

Around the bin

Time I spent in lines I milk

The common choice

Survive my moist

These lines and my voice

This style over a choice

These rhymes without noise

The chaos stime in a Rolce

These lines, blended force

This water over voice

Pick a style over noise

Different riles and roles

The systems toll

Gifted scroll


The lines stall

In gifted halls

The secrets? I ball

Shot call



The gifted ball

These eyes will swell

These lines over stories I tell

Tell lines tale tales

In lives, talk stalls

Cleared shawls

The golden stalls

Over our love choice claw

The golden

Helmer Holden

Eyes beholden

Or of four chosen

In my left for about twenty years

The pleated leopard

These eyes: Bechackm

My lines: smell cook

The lines, smooth smile rook

The eyes


Move yours

Tell times and tides over simple line tides

Miles divide in lines I shroud

These mountains, I mile

Tall skies, fall


Systems fall, Bear Bowery swell

Tiles his slide tells


Ape basic, Himalayan

Faces swift making

Dragonfly high basic


Contained within

Their pools of 100 feet

Simple greets in my iris

Head to feet

Simple greets

Frog spots beholden

Spotty’s grapes of purple

Marijuana sparkles

Daring miles on the seesaw

Leo Panther Leopard sweating

Basin waiting, his heated- waiting


I’m waiting

For them to all fly high

The animals of my eye

Thinking Tree, my oh my

My Willow Mille

Above my head in Heaven


Wavy bends

Jesuseine spelt, bend



I win

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