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Time Spent

We converse throughout the day

Soulmates from different plaines

One thousand, one hundred and seven

Meet nine hundred and seven

Heaven provided

Earthienie riding

On trains to window shop

Businesses on my lot

I own the whole block

This life?

Cash out

In this life I have maintained

The highest claim

Born speaking the money language

At least my vessel burst a letter

Letters of dollars from under the feather

The nineteenth century thought of the clit

I jumped across the seventeen walls

To earn $ one million against all odds



“Pay my Son”

She was not a heathen

So, now we travel to foreign lands

Malls that sell what I already contain

In every other

Despite the weather

Balloons? What if?

These days?

Ninety five commas


Poetry on the highway: train, stay in your lane

For the benefit of my man

The slippery sandman

But today, he is awake

Awe man

My man

My man

My man


What life will bring

In tornado fashion

I write, not rapture

When The Almighty Jesusine Plutons capture

My heart… laughter

For Heaven, I survive

So I rapture, but not lie


Copied clones

In places I wish to roam

With my man by my throne

My man is in my home

So the compromise?

Happiness where I “belong”

Living doing no wrong

Alphaiac Alpha in an instant

Judged himself: oh’kay, that’s me kids

An attempt to enjoy the end of an era

I wish their laws were clearer

My laws, but my rules

My soulmate?

It is him I choose

I bruise in silence, writing

Time spent uninvited

Invited, yet uninvited


Simplify it

Time spent against the dials

Clocks turn with him, and no crowds

I speak from distant miles

So time spent?

Drives me wild

I crush, harder and harder

“Babe, that was beautiful!”

A performance?

I’m front row

The hug?

“Oh’kay Babe; let’s go”

The conundrum?

The time as a captive I know

“They were not sent to die”

So for him, I look after

The wallet in my maze?

Controlled without their permission

In Heaven and Mars; note the difference

The first witness by verbal hit-list

Conspiring checklist

“Major, I bought your playlist”

Summoning; “see my RFID chip”

Inquiry reveal, revealed as I ‘healed’

I am free from those walls which I thought to crawl

These days, I just continue to fall

Harder, smarter

Water? Blast it

The gift of your touch, lasting

Play time without fasting

Enema first, then after the hose it’s Dick I’m grabbing

Tapping into the pleasure

Grabbing your shoulder blades as I am saddling

The sheets or while standing; gasping

Grasping the concept of days without sex

But today, laughter

At the idea of simple pleasure

While you listen to chosen tracks, I pick my battles

Purchases after

Masters; haha sis

I have called you this once

Role play

As my equal, you and I?

End the sequel

Our lives, see through

Personal disguise

With you I sit and ride

Commas the numerology would provide in that last line

This is how I write

Infinite infinity, with you and I

From distant skies, the roses should shield my eyes

Artificial supply

“Who wants to watch roses die?”

Through and across chosen miles

I harvest the skies in my eyes

We dine where we sleep, yet I owe you a wider sheet

Dinner all around, everywhere; under two crowns

Time spent?

Let’s travel the miles

High-waisted crowds

The Pharisees gather and plead

Life with us based on simplicity

Or else the temples meet their MVP

Killer MaChina

Wipe out: I told you I was One

A killer, for our time uninterrupted

My heart keeps bumping

These eyes register the beauty they question

My lines could be used as weapons

Your lines greet me within peace

Provided as soon as I type that artists screen

So our lines, I’m hearing and reading



Your time spent?


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