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Touches Falling

Touches fallen

I keep, I keep, I keep, I keep

I keep

Touches fallen, snow is calling



Snow is calling

“Would you please phone, Charley

Would you please phone Rise?”

I would have you know that it would come as no surprise

That I would rise above the systems rise

The crown

The high

The systems finest

The systems finest

The systems


Over shining by way of rhyming

I have perfect timing

I would love to describe

The Love seen through my eyes

In a world you thought demise

I am the parrot of my eye

Systems bend, systems try

I do not simplify

In my life

On my mind

Is the way he bends a knife

Into my soul, oh’kay let’s ride

Keith Major, souls open wide

I am your man, open, smile

Off out into the night


Try it

Monogamy’s finest

Overpowering miles for miles

Overpowering system trials

Of abligation across the files

Systems trials, he drives me wild

Soon to come across the Nile

Across all miles

I’ll drive him wild

My thoughts in denial

Of his presence, wild

In denial

Of his presence


I’m in the clouds

He calls, Keith Shaul

Best friend from a chosen pulb

With a name similar to his

You know my Pinky Snub

My Major Dub

The system’s hug

The one I love

Oh what a name for y’all to have

He’ll think this is about him, but your Shaul from my past

Catch a glimpse off Heaven two, decked in blue

Purple hue



The golden rule

“Shoot to aim and never lose”

The chosen hues

Nights we were under the blues

You were nine, I was two

Playing Spades against team Ruin

The two of us, joining

The pockets?


The secrets to the treats: jarring

Ice cream popcorn dipped snacks would please

The gifted craft


My mind: freeze!


I attempted with ease

But I aim to displease, that I did not succeed

To put my mind out in a tree



In a tree


Heaven twenty three

Simple being



A Day of treason

To sip the green stuff

Tea to mean stuff

Shifted me to mean tough

Simple being tough

Simple being sorry

Sorry Red Barney

I offer you love and a real story

Filled with tokens of affection

Hearts and misdirections

Misdirections from a chosen peasant

Rich in ways, under the fairest

RFID, I’m like an heiress

Simple name: Rise Overall

Systems call

The boss

Shots I call

The boss

I ball

Rise Overall

Rise Overall

Rise Overall



Overall all that will fall

Systems stall

In my mind, in my stall

In my bathroom, there is no complaining

No system stalling

I’m Overall, Inc.

Systems ball thin

Systems ball when

System call thin

Then again, the system bent

Owned and copped over a fifth

Over an inch

Nicki, that’s it, clock it

On my miles, swim

Nicki over Pinky?

Mom, get in

Over, swim

Let’s lock the bitch

Top the bitch

Straight body an inch

Camera 198465778486487


Mom’s went

Systems? Mom went


Mom swim

Dad swim again

Camera 190765432107865789301

Swim, and a win

Swim again

Self, that’s 9$50 to swim

50 I’m in

Dreamhouse, Slim I’m in

Over again

Over again

Men, Gentleman, I’m in

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