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Twenty-Four Karat

My Heavenly form is twenty four karat gold

This is the life of bronze meeting gold

This is the heart he holds

The miles I have shown

The distance I have gone

From Heaven to Earth

My life in a shuttle

First creation, Alphaiac Alpha’s genetic arrangement

This language provided the map

This wheat for burlap

Snap backs have harsh mesh

That golden creation for the lives we thought to create

The miles we saw

The sights we envisioned

This is the chosen route

This this this word reused

My life covers their bruises

Interstellar changes

My heart in different places

I seek to find talking strangers

His love is clear

Third person praises

The largest arrangement

The beautiful faces

Delivered among and spread among races

Distinct genetic changes

Mutations erasing the guava we all contain

DNA that claims an expiration date

Physical and then mental

Visuals we created

Creations date has one starting place

The business of the minds I design

I am inclined


Mentally terrifying

My intelligence is ultimate lining

Light year flying

Spirits conspiring

To pass the test given

An attempt at rapture met Risen

My first attempt?

I finished

New beginnings

Zero endings


Paragraph sentence

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