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Untitled and Backdated

I deliver the punches

The different eruptions

Their hearts will keep thumping

My squad is out clubbing

In major loving

The oceans I wade in

The scenes are changing

The bodies relaying

Messages to the heavens

The notions I question

I am Risen

Without me?

There is no chance you will see Heaven

These eyes are not alarming

Do you see this moon?

Watch my aura glow

Omni field dismantled

Extraterrestrial extrasensory perception

Absorbing the thoughts

Processing the prayers

These are lines that cross through black holes

My eyes steal real gold

These lines?

The truth that they hold

I am your chosen master

I closed a sinning chapter

This 100% rapture


Catch up!

Think fast, move slow

These connections made Thing grow

Skyscraper challenge?

I look down, I look low

I think smile

My frown shows

Twisted lies

My heart overthrown

My firmament tint

The blue I control

Rain absorbed in different ways

I set the pouring in eleven ways

Oceans Eleven

The seasons will change

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