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We Set The Stage

The gaze holds weight

I glanced in different ways

Infinite power for my central space

The lights change faces

Central arrangement

My feelings are changing

The developments displaying

I ride smooth on this coaster

Guiding through our ways to push us closer

This style to former motions

Division to fluid focus

This life of the loving hopeful

Memory loops of the current chapter

Subsections and paragraphs

Body language shared between two maps

Visual genetic distribution

Former and past confusion

Our goal is to fuse them

That is right, no delusion

My words written that I am choosing

This lane?

I do not compete in

My heart continues beating

Bleeding soul over the weeping

Internally my meter is beeping

Systematic changes daily

Rhythmically changing

My heart appears to be failing

Emergency room stat

Emotional eruption

The fire combusting

Desire to the highest

I covet with a light year mindset

Apparently I gaslight with true statements

Conversation route?

Erasing my nature to master

Dominate the fallen suspicions

These were his chosen wishes

To defeat our previous hurdles

We arrived and left the station

The goal in mind, we just kept racing

Escaping catacomb basements

I originate in higher spaces

Elevated, my soul is escaping

Trapping in the studio borough

Mute buttons to turn off our inspiration

The masses that contain my information

Circular indexing

Roll-a-desk information flexing

I am found to be interesting

Central center space, yet in no direction

This day and age “What is the caption?”

The dollars we ration to generate swift reaction

Reactionist mindset reacting

Swift transactions

Higher preferences

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