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Winding Spirits

Wading above the waters of the firmament

Lost in space, I do not know where my mind went

Soiled plans for destruction

Heart under construction

Thoughts of being complacent

Happiness beneath the basements

I will never know what second place is

The tombs have opened

The bodies are decaying

Tomb raiders take the page

History astray

The images painted red with their blood

Lying in wait, we knew where they were

Imaginative storytellers, freed from the grave

Released in the bowl of hell for Lucifer’s game

Survivor’s guilt, I relieve his pain

Winding spirits, stay in their lane

I abolished the competition competing with computed vocal lames

All those rapping men and women signed for Lucifer’s and Jesus' gain

Sprinting through hell, devilish tomb raiders fell

Further, further, and faster

An unnatural disaster

The walls of hell have been plastered

With the blood of those bastards

Running, faster, and faster

My surroundings collapsing

Raiders amassing, mutual masses

To create false religions: none of them are lasting

The hope of failed missions, my body kept fishing

Reeling in Lucifer’s lost minions

Arenas turned to churches

Opposition has been lurking

Demons losing focus as China has them choking

One hundred and fifty-three pounds dripping wet

They would like to bottle up my sweat

I told them all that I am the best

As Jay-Z tells them what to do next

They sold their souls for designer clothes

Their repeating story is getting old

They did it for the money, paper roll

So now I set flames to their souls

I used to think that they were bold

Educated, his lineup is cold

To the touch, though they are unclean

In Hollywood my id was freed

Subconsciously GOD triggered me

To be the master of my own dreams

I ignore his “stay woke” pleas

He is afraid of dogs, while his belong to me

To glorify my name, Lucifer does it with ease

Fortunately, with him I am pleased

Chasing a masters degree

For a paper which I will not need

Once we work on this chemistry

The result of my biology

Conversations, he beckons me

To communicate about anything and everything

I guess we are talking about me

To gain my attention, pull out the rulers please

Take measurements, personal abilities

Lack luster comparisons, our family tree

Only to humanize, as they dehumanize me

Blood tainted, chlorine please

Pools of green- algae

Humble soul sifting the green

“Oh c’mon," their favorite line

“Fuck you" is Jay-Z's silent outcry

I lead a busy life, but GOD is on my mind

I check in, from time to time

He is busy too, out on the grind

Practice, he ruined mine

This lifestyle is so sublime

For money he wastes our time

Happy meals, but we do not unwind

Living hell, threatened all the time

By GOD's voice, so he prefers mine

Although sometimes, we are unkind

Our talents are so intertwined

We write, and they respond

Souled out, “you stole my line”

Amusing, at least I try

To comfort the pain I hide

Nights alone, sometimes I cry

They are slinging insults to testify

Blasphemous consequences

They say “I will be fine"

Although he is beneath the fire

These words, I am their Messiah

This war is lyrical violence

Their goal is to douse the fire

This desire, to take him higher

Parallel, to GOD'S soldiers dying

Our father is the one I confide in

These words, beneath the crying

I am stuck in my ways, I just keep trying

To reunite GOD'S soul divided

Those words, yielding fruit flies

To reveal, truth behind my eyes

So smooth, no way I will lose

This game, forfeit or bruise

Our words, they will not end soon

This tilted stage, here is a monsoon

Volcanic rage, prodigy in the booth

Defensive aim, offensive too

Dog whistle politics, go tie a noose

The great mystery?

I slide knives too

Babylon, that kingdom is cruel

Lucifer is the fallen ruler


Try to check me, boo

That whore, gentile babies too

Liquid gold?

They will never consume

24 karat gold out on the move

Test your luck, I will end your life!

Prepare your army, ours' is ready

Take two!

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