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Winning Spirit

Lost in the daily scuffle of life

There was a price on my head, my sword, and my knives

This natural high, tucked in, out of sight

This euphoric feeling: these thoughts for your life

Terrified, threatened on the daily

Petrified, these thoughts "drive me crazy"

A DSM [Diagnostic Statistic Manual] will not appraise me

Crooked cops, abused on the daily

When I am alone I meditate sanely

Blindfold, my eyes are amazing

Colorful, these thoughts are not racing

Be mindful, level up, and update your grave please

Mutual, upgrade mine?

Who made Me?


Thing 1, I prayed for safety


Thing 2, I am never lazy

24 karats clean, I will take your lady

Newborn, open your eyes

I am star gazing

Ruminating, the thoughts relayed from ABBA DABA


We communicate each, and every hour

A glass hourglass, sand slips beneath the counter

Long life, cut me down?


Spoiled, I have been gifted with their knowledge

Educating, verses baking

Restore her power

Thoughts renewed, the final verse, the final hour

Nod your head


I am wondering what me and these people have in common

Our father is mediating patience for his inpatients


Mess with us, you will never make it

Heaven’s angels

We exceed your expectations

Paranoid, they will be reprimanded by the Root of David

Schizophrenics, they transcend the written pages

Heartfelt, conversational arrangement

Satisfied, knowing that I still drive him Lackadaisical

To unwind, Randall's Island- where is mine?

Prime time, on the news, from six to nine

Grind thyme, my favorite dish, quarter pound fine

Homemade, we will reminisce in our old age

These blessings leap from the page

Onto the web as your new homepage

Bookmark, an army raid

To invade, for material gain

Body count, he damn near loss count

Heavy heart, I am just waiting to pounce

Pope Francis, and the White House

Are afraid they will never get out

Of the rut, I found their dug out

False flags, democracy fads

Messiac rule, me and GOD

"Winning Spirit," check in my bag

Balances, scales from the past

Illuminate, injustice- fast

Thirty-three talents:yen


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